Please visit our website for full information on how to give or contact Judy Lekoski , Development and Communications Coordinator for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, at or 704-687-0084.

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Gifts to the Mount Zion Archaeological Dig support the following goals:

Excavations: Completing the current Mount Zion Gate excavations by 2017 and further related work in 2018.

Mount Zion Gate Archaeological Park: Creating a permanent archaeological park showcasing structural remains connected to all periods of time including Jewish, Christian and Islamic. This outdoor public archaeological park would be situated along the city wall, which will provide a walk through time with structural remains of Jews, Christians, and Muslims dating back through the ages. A special feature of this park would be very well preserved structures, with intact ceilings, belonging to priestly mansions from the first century.

Post-Excavation Analysis: Cataloging and analyzing the materials derived from the digs: inscriptions, pottery, coins, animal bones etc.

Research and Publications: Printing and publishing scientific monographs as a series on an annual basis from 2017.